EGG Face Stickers - EGGmojis!

Our Stickers are a software feature available on the App Store℠ for iMessage®; iPhone® and iPad® mobile digital devices.

EGG Face Stickers - Custom EGGmoji Faces you create.

EGG Face Stickers for iMessage®

Show how you really feel - say it with your own customized EGG (emoji) Face Sticker! Total of 30 large stickers in this collection.

Sometimes it is easier to show people how you feel about something that trying to explain it in words. Build your own EGG Faces as you wish, for any feelings or the occasion, to better express the emotions you want to share in your custom emoticon.

You can make your EGG Face happy, sad, giddy, gleeful, ho-hum, bored, disappointed, angry, outraged, or anything in between, with a variety of mouths, eyes, eyebrows and hair to visually illustrate your thoughts through facial expressions.

Peel and stick the individual eyes, mouths, eyebrows and hair to the EGG of your choice or add the 'parts' your photos to make a visual statement. Total of 31 sticker elements to build your unique EGG Faces - just for fun and laughs.

EGG Face Stickers

Sticker Apps are only available on the App Store for iOS devices.